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Ashley ARC Review – No Accident (Laura Bates)

Ash here! Hi again 😉 please enjoy my review!!! I really feel like this is so meaningful for people of ALL ages, but definitely see it more juvenile for adult thriller readers! But if you enjoy YA, this mysterious tale just may be your cup of tea! Check it out if it seems like something you’d be into!! Happy Reading, all! 🧡
~ Ash

No Accident – Laura Bates

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The Wilds meets One of Us is Lying in this survivalist YA thriller about seven teens who are stranded on a desert island, and the one who is out for revenge.

No matter how you try to hide it, the truth will always come out . . .

When a small plane crash ends with a group of seven teens washed up on a deserted island, their first thought is survival. With supplies dwindling and the fear of being stranded forever becoming more of a reality, they quickly discover that being the most popular kid in high school doesn’t help when you’re fighting to stay alive.

And when strange and terrifying accidents start to occur all around them, the group realizes that they are being targeted by someone who was on the plane, and that the island isn’t their only danger. A terrible secret from a party the night before the flight has followed them ashore–and it’s clear that someone is looking for justice. Now survival depends on facing the truth about that party: who was hurt that night, and who let it happen?

ARC copy provided in exchange for an honest review. This in no way changes my rating or review.

Star Rating: —>4.5 Stars

Thank you to netgalley & RB Media for the Audio ARC! All opinions are my own

First off, Justis Bolding was an absolutely FANTASTIC narrator for this story! I couldn’t get enough !!!
I also def will be looking out for more from the author, Laura Bates. This ya mystery/thriller was filled with intriguing narrative, and a freakish set of events that sets our big cast of characters stuck in a dangerous, mysterious situation.

A group of star jocks & cheerleaders on tour are on a plane that strangely crashes on a deserted island. The accident has everyone reeling…. Or is it an accident?!

As the teens attempt to survive, to make matters worse, someone or someTHING is toying with them, “playing some nasty pranks” increasing in intensity as the novel progresses. This leaves them feeling even more helpless & traumatized… and sows seeds of intense mistrust between this group of “friends.”

It seems as if the island is hiding one doozy of a secret. Is the mysterious prankster one of their own? Is it a stranger? Or is it… the island itself… that seems to be trying to prove a HUGE, potentially deadly point?

A YA survival story with a thrilling twist, and an underlying, 100% relevant, at this point in time, for a long time now, issue between teens & even adults!


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